Thursday, December 30, 2004

Where you can donate?

Here is a good compilation of the many relief organizations that are helping tsunamis victims

Sunday, December 19, 2004

President Bush - Person of the Year or Man of the Decade

An ordinary politician tells swing voters what they want to hear; Bush invited them to vote for him because he refused to. Ordinary politicians need to be liked; Bush finds the hostility of his critics reassuring. Challengers run as outsiders, promising change; it's an extraordinary politician who tries this while holding the title Leader of the Free World
Time doesn't seem to fully understand the president or his admierers but they still named hin
TIME Person of the Year 2004. They even included a great quote for all his critices.
"Sometimes you're defined by your critics," he says. "My presidency is one that has drawn some fire, whether it be at home or around the world. Unfortunately, if you're doing big things, most of the time you're never going to be around to see them [to fruition], whether it be cultural change or spreading democracy in parts of the world where people just don't believe it can happen. I understand that. I don't expect many short-term historians to write nice things about me."
Congradulations, Mr. President

Time has also list their newest caticory, Blog of the Year. Blog are going to be a continueing influnce on society, so be prepared. I would alos like to submitt my name to the nomination commity for 2005 now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mayor XXX

Here we go again! It now looks like our bulldozer happy mayor screwed Chicagoans twice. An ABC 7 report making the rounds today claim

Removing the Meigs Field runway and returning Northerly Island to park land cost $2.9 million--nearly twice as much as Chicago Park District and city officials estimated, district and city documents show.

The worst part of it is that it looks like the mayor improperly used FFA funds to demolish the airport and build a park. Even if its found to be a legal us of the funds, I don't think the FAA wants to both spend billions to increase capacity at O'Hare and Midway, while at the same time spend $2.9 million to close an airport down. That could explains this;

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating whether use of the airport funds for the cleanup was an "improper diversion" of money intended for capital repairs at O'Hare and Midway Airports. Airport development funds are derived from surplus revenue from airport rentals, services and concessions.
If the FAA determines the funds were misused, the city could be ordered to pay triple damages, or $ 8.7 million, said Tony Molinaro, FAA spokesman for the Great Lakes Region.

I wish the FAA could fine the mayor personally, I doubt that he could really care if he is found guilty or not.

Please visit friends of meigs, they have been fighting this mayor a loong time and have all the links to all the major news stories. They have also put togeter a plan for the future of Meigs, their Parks and Planes plan. A bold look at what Northernly Island could and should look like. Look through their plan and if you like what you see please sign the petition.

Don't buy Blue

Ever wanted to know which way a corporation leans? This handy site, Choose The Blue, was set up by democrats to help them patronize friendly companies. This site clearly labels companies Red or Blue, so before you finish your Christmas shopping, stop on in and see who you are supporting. If you are like me you didn't donate to any political party (don't feel bad most Americans didn't), but corporations always donate, so by adding profits to Red Corporations, you are adding to Red Candidate's coffers all over the country.

My personal favorite was the network news area. No big surprises here, unless you thought Fox News was Red. Sorry Blues, Fox is just a liberal as the rest.

Fox News - News Corp;

Dem 61% GOP 39%

Dem $689,549 GOP $434,224

Most of this information was gathered from another great site,
Open Secrets. This site allows you to follow the money. This site is a slightly anti-establishment, all politicians are bad, type of site so tread lightly.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I-Pass is the Future

It's time for all of us to give in and accept our fate. The tollway has us where it counts, the pocket book. The first rule in government persuasion is, if you want Americans to do something, tax them if they do the opposite. The current tollway situation is a classic example. In case you been sleeping, there is a toll hike coming unless you get I-pass. This toll (tax) hike will persuade many to enter the system. Many who won't know they can be tracked, but they will learn soon. What will people do when they find out, that is the question. Probably not much till their driving records are routinely check for suspicious behavior, or simply speeding.
But I digress, I have had an I-pass for years. I wasn't a early adapter, I didn't like the idea of "Big Brother" on my dash, but this is the future; less toll booths, user pay roads, smaller tollway authority (that didn't happen) and cheaper tolls. Most of those things are happening, and now they have a huge Congestion-Relief Plan that they need, and will turn the current toll booths into this.

Proposed I-Pass lanes

A virtual supper highway, once the constructions finished. Including the long awaited, and much needed I-355 expansion.
If your convinced, you can
get your I-pass here, but before you do, don't forget to check check your windshield first.

Manditory reading

This is great analysis of classic liberal reporting, Pardon My English - This is Reporting? No, It's Yellow Journalism Reports aren't just content with sitting back and hearing what advice real soldiers have for Rumsfeld, they aren't happy unless they get a say on the direction of questioning.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bush wins !!!

I didn't know we were wondering but, WorldNetDaily: Ohio makes it official: Bush wins by 119,000 Now if only the Blue Chicagoans would accept it and help us move this great country forrward.

Red Chicago and their fires

If you don't live in the Chicago media market, you might not know we have an obsession with fires around here. It started with the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and continues with the High-Rise Fire in Chicago that injures 37 last night. The Chicago media pulled out all the stops last night giving wall-to-wall coverage of ...... well not much but repeating video of flames.

It was a traumatic event for all of us who live or work in a high rise, but I'm always angered by news' speculation and sensationalism, and last night didn't disappoint.
Now look for the media to drag the story out, blame the great Red Chicago Fire Fighters and then push for some billion dollar fix.

In the mean time please pray for all of those families impacted by this, and remember your local fire fighters this holiday season.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

True Grit

I've been sick to my stomach watching to 24 hour news coverage second guessing the turnover rate from W1. Why are they leaving, look how conservative the new guy/gal is, should W kiss all the nominees?
Where do I find a little balance, to my surprise theRed Chicago Tribune. I'm so happy today I could kiss a Blue Chicagoan. Once agin W digs deep into America and find the best person for the job.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

It is a popularity contest after all

Take a look and see how your leaders rank themselves.

Best & Worst of Congress '04

here's a cheat sheet for Red Chicago-ans
Best Leader - 3. Dennis Hastert
C-Span Ham - 3. Dick-head Durbin

There are a few more interesting ones, but I rather you looked for yourselves, you moms aren't here anymore.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Were there Stem Cells in that anti-freeze

I don't have time to find all the links right now, but this is happening with all the major "stem cell curable diseases". Go look it up, type any major disease into google and you'll see, it's not just this dog (clink on the above link