Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hospital Stay

Who said hospitals aren't fun! They must have only been visiting. Staying in a hospital is an outright hoot. It better be for $900+ a night! I know, you think I'm crazy and they should have kept me, but where else can you stay, people wait on you hand a feet, and every couple hours someone tells you your vitals. I've never checked my vitals so it's good to know they are normal. It was about time I had my blood checked daily, and vitamins given accordinglly. I also loved seeing all the different doctors and med students and residents and nurses and nurses aids and you get the point. I wish I even knew who my doctor was. That would be useful, because I get a funny feeling she's not going to call.
Not to worry everybody, I'm fine, just a little dehydrated. I'm not sure why it took four day to figure that out, but 12 bags of sailine sullution latter I'm fine.

Monday, September 20, 2004

What was C-BS thinking

This is an easy one.

"We got Bush now"

"Why would anybody question us, we said we have other un-named sources"

OK, enough of what they were literally thinking. They knew this story was out there, they had been looking for collaboration for three years. When it shows up at their door from Kinko's why question it. That is the essence of current media bias (MB). CBS isn't out there making forged documents, (I hope not, or its worse than I thought) they are only confirming a previously held belief. You see, like most good liberal media figures, Dan thinks the Bush family is BAD, like all conservatives and their ideas. In his heart he knows this is something GW is would do. Dan doesn't need proof to convince himself, so why would you. (Although this is truly what I personally see in the media, you can get many more examples from Mr. Goldberg and his books. He was a former CBS employee, and his book is very timely now.(if you know me personally, feel free to come borrow it)

Dan is probably right, this is something The Bushes might try to do. During the war some people did everything imaginable to avoid there duty. Families pulled all kinds of strings to keep there kids out of harms way. Some knew how to live off the land, so they hide in remote place throughout to country, some knew how to get to Canada so they went, some joined the navy because they thought it safe, and some joined the TexasANG to defend against the unlikely communist attack against Texas. What I'm saying is people pulled strings, some hid, some looked for sympathetic doctors, and most just prayed, pulled G-ds strings to try and stay out of war. I'm not sure how CBS thinks that a republican representative(George Sr.) pulled strings with the Democratic administration at the time in Texas, but its possible.

The point is, what kind of story is that, who cares, and for the few people who do take previous military service into consideration. GET THE STORY RIGHT!! You major news services shouldn't be digging up mud for the past three years, you should use that manpower to verify stories. We get it, Bush was allegedly goofing off, when Kerry was burning villages. I give up. The media is hopeless!!

CBS isn't the only one, look for more to come, as the campaign finance law kicks in 30 days from the election and the candidates can't run adds to defend themselves, the media will have all the power to spin stories.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Real Clear Politics

This is the best political website I have found on the web. Real Clear Politics The next many post will most likely be web site that I visit and love, or hate. This is a very good bi-partisan site that list many different commentators/editorials, along with current polling data and daily news. If you want to see what spin, both sides are putting on the issues of the day, this is the site for you.
And don't just believe the 49-49 split in country. It's all about the Electoral College. This is a completely usefully site on the current state of the Elector College. Don't just look at the pretty picture, the graph is very usefully and shows how volatile this race has been.
Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 He updates daily, with good commentary and history. He also has useful state polls and graphs.


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