Friday, December 23, 2005

Jon Turley's 15 minutes

This guy has been brought to every media outlet out there to bring up his unfounded idea that Bush has committed a crime. A impeachable offence of course. I first say him on Nightline Dec 20, 2005, but he has been on:

ABC with Katie Kuric

CBS's The Early Show on Dec 21, 2005

Bill O'Reilly talked with him on the 19th

And Tim Russert on Meet the Press has been quoting him to every guest every night.

On all these appearances, Turley says Bush "broke the law" but never states which one. The FISA court? Bush's AG indicates that Bush is following the "Use of force resolution" passed after Sept 11th. If anything there is a conflict in the two laws, no breaking of laws. Come on, get real and lets fight terrorists, not the president.

E-mail him @ let him know what you think!

You may also remember this man from when the MSM paraded him allover to say that Judge Alito is FAR FAR "RIGHT" even further right than Scalito.


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