Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jan Schakowsky's Hypocrisy

The new Capital Fax Blog Illinoize all ready said it all, so here it is.

Red Chicago's rep in Congress is Jan Schakowsky of Evanston, IL. She's a
hard-left liberal, and here once again is the write-up on Jan from FrontPage Magazine's Discover the Network.

A week before Thanksgiving, this press release came out of Schakowsky's Washington office:


DC - U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky, a founding member of the
Out-of-Iraq Caucus, today released a statement commending Congressman
John Murtha's call for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

Representative Schakowsky's full statement is below:

Congressman John Murtha, a decorated war veteran and national leader on
defense, called for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from
Iraq. Congressman Murtha's principled stand is a breakthrough moment in
the effort to bring our troops home. A majority of Democrats in the
House voted against this disastrous war, but now, those who supported
it agree that the situation on the ground is untenable, that the
Administration has mishandled the war, and that our troops deserve
better than to be left in Iraq indefinitely."

"Last month, we
lost our 2,000th American soldier in Iraq. The situation is getting
worse and less stable. The Bush administration has left our men and
women in harm's way with no exit strategy and no way out. It is time to
bring them home."

"I commend Congressman Murtha for his leadership

earlier this month Jan had her biq chance on the floor of the House to
vote to bring our troops home from Iraq. And you know what? She voted
to keep the troops there.

Murtha, Jan's new hero, voted the same way. Murtha says he wants the troops to leave Iraq, but in six months.

Schakowsky wanted the troops to leave Iraq after the January elections there. From Buzzflash, quoting Jan:

political process has begun, admittedly fragile, and it is time for the
United States to leave. Once the January 30 elections are concluded,
the new Iraqi government takes responsibility for forging its own path
toward stability and democracy. The U.S. should provide financial and
material assistance for that effort and encourage the international
community to help."

Just full of it.


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