Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Obama on Schiavo

"There's nothing unconstitutional about having a little more due process than was due" - Obama

This speaks volumes, when will the democrats stop playing games.
Obama speaks on the Schiavo case:

Unlike most members of Congress, however, Obama is uniquely well suited to weigh in on the Schiavo case, given his background in teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago. More to the point, Obama has displayed detailed knowledge about the role of the courts in these so-called right-to-die cases during his teaching career.
But on an issue that has consumed the nation's conscience--the sad Florida case of Terri Schiavo--the freshman Democratic senator offered no statements, no media appearances on why he supported federal intervention to grant the brain-damaged woman's parents the right of federal court review to try to re-insert her feeding tube.


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